About Kristy's Nest

Kristy's Nest...

...Is a house, a home, and a place of shelter for the emotional support, spiritual nurture and safety for women who have been abandoned or abused by family members or spouses due to dysfunctional family history,  and also assists those who are in their Golden years who have found themselves widowed or homeless due to economic changes that did not include sufficient savings or increases for simple retirement or medical provisions. 

Every Woman Invests And Partakes 

In Their Own Transition

When you give women the opportunity to "Find Their Wings" again by providing a place of safety and dignity, the very first and most important thing that happens is that they rest. They sleep deeply again and their brain function begins to reset, and then, just like a butterfly emerging from its dark and tight cocoon, Hope,  Joy,  and Dreams begin to be a possibility again. 

Every Resident of Kristy's Nest Is Interviewed 

And Carefully Considered

All house members take loving care of their own private bedrooms, shared bathrooms, kitchen and open living spaces by following house rules and guidelines.

As The Residents of Kristy's Nest Develop Relationships 

Through Daily Interaction, The Formation of Healthy Bonds 

And Sisterly Care Take Place. 

Each woman is gently coached and helped to find meaningful employment that can assist them in preparing a financial plan for themselves.  Although they may be working,  some women may be of an age where they are limited in physical strength and they or others may have existing medical conditions that limit their abilities to work full time positions. Each resident of Kristy's Nest contributes to the financial needs of the house according to their income and planning as they develop an income.  Kristy's Nest knows that their first care must be for their personal needs as in clothing, toiletries, food, transportation, insurances. 

Rarely do the contributions of residents meet the full extent of 

Care and Housing, Insurance and upkeep needed 

to operate Kristy's Nest.  

This is where the kindness and financial support of others is needed and is so greatly appreciated. 

Support and Donation Button 

We saw the pain, the shame, the need…

…And decided to take a personal risk,

and do something about it!

Please Note:

Kristy's Nest IS NOT a rehabilitation facility or home 

for those who are struggling with drug addiction, 

substance abuse or sex addictions, and cannot assist 

those who have children who also need shelter. 

It Used To Be That Homeless Women Over 50 

Were Blessedly Rare

Today it’s the norm

How Widespread Is The Problem?

According to the latest numbers from Hearth, an organization working to help end elder homelessness, the USA had 62,750 homeless people 55 or older in 2012.  As the nation’s population ages, that number is expected to more than double by 2050.

But whatever the figure, there’s no doubt that life is miserable for older women, (most of them have been either abused or abandoned or “aged out” of meaningful work) without a home, due to the cost of living or the death of a spouse who carried the health/life coverage and retirement plan.

Lugging suitcases or bags for dozens of blocks to get from a shelter  to a center that serves free lunches or offers job search help, can be incredibly taxing if you’re young and able. Doing so with disabilities and ailments common to those in their 50’s or older, from chronic back pain and arthritis to swollen ankles and fibromyalgia, is much harder.  

Imagine women’s lives, when feeling safe means another night spent contorted into a hard plastic chair in a bus station…

…Or sleeping in a car in a darkened parking area. 

The lack of sleep, poor diet and daily risks of assault or robbery cause a painful and shame-filled cycle of emotional trauma.

You Can Also Send a Check or A Cashiers Check

Kristy’s Nest Mailing Address

8452 Fredericksburg Rd #273

San Antonio, TX  78229

Kristy’s Nest is currently only a foundation with it's non-profit status pending as all legal documents have been submitted and are in process. 

While we are waiting for final approval, we can't abandon the women who are now residing at Kristy's Nest. 
Any monetary contributions or donations are technically considered a benevolence from any donors.

Once non-profit status has been received, which we hope will be at the end of the year or early 2020, then Kristy’s Nest will be able to provide all patrons and contributors receipts for taxable deductions.

Until this happens, Kristy’s Nest is completely reliant upon 
the gracious contributions and donations of individuals and organizations.