A Personal Note From the Founder

Founder and Director of Kristy's Nest

Someone once asked me,  
“What are you passionate about?”

I had to think about it,
ut really,  the answer was so simple for me.

I’m passionate about people being nurtured
and feeling at home, having shelter to rest and having dinner on the table at dinner time.

At 31 yrs of age, I became a single mother due to a very tragic situation in my life, and had to raise my 4 daughters alone for 11 years.
They needed a lot nurturing and we needed a shelter.
That was a
must in order for us to all survive the transition that left us all very broken. 
When I gave up everything to give my girls what they needed, I watched them grow into beautiful — strong — healthy and confident young women.

As the years went by, I met other young girls and many distressed women, and “nested” them in my own home.

I came to the understanding that all they needed was to be loved unconditionally and nurtured. With a warm, loving home they began to “find their wings” and the confidence that they never knew they had. They were able to soar in various ways as their lives took flight!

Then the day came when I
Accidentally Ran into Real Estate"

I met a property manager showing a house to one of the women that I had been nurturing along the way. 
He offered me a job as his assistant
and eventually sold me the company. 

It came natural to me to help people find housing
and help them to understand how to maintain it

But I also witnessed many people (due to many situations in their lives) not being able to maintain even the simplest of shelters in their lives.

It was 18 years ago that a dream developed in me
A dream to someday be able to help women have a place where they would not have to worry so much about the struggle to maintain shelter,  but also be able to heal emotionally,  physically and spirituality so that they too, could exercise their wings and learn to fly as high as they could in their own life journey. 

It was something I had to learn all on my own 
in my difficult and at times, frightening life.
But along my journey, I had the help and the nurture
of a few people who loved and
encouraged me unconditionally.

Some of the simple things we take for granted 
are some of the biggest struggles for others

We just have to pay attention and sometimes just ask, “What do you need rather than, How are you doing?”
There is a difference, and that is what I started to do.      

This is why I founded a place of safety called

"Kristy’s Nest”
with the hope of establishing 
several more locations in the future. 

   Thanks For Taking Time To Read This!  
  —Kristy Paredes



Business Manager/Realtor® 

San Antonio, TX and Surrounding Areas

Advocate For Homeless Women

Founder and Director Kristy’s Nest

Member of Board of Directors Kristy’s Nest

Mother - Grandmother - Entrepreneur 

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, 

But also to the interests of others."

-Phillipians 2:4

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“We all can do something to help others. 

Even the littlest things can make a huge impact 

on someone’s life who is in need.” 

- Kristy